Valhalla Townsquare | Condos | Park Terrace | Price | Floor Plan

Valhalla Townsquare | Condos | Park Terrace | Price | Floor Plan: A pristine urban housing society with lavish infrastructure, vast condominiums, posh porches, gorgeous waterfront, pedestrian-friendly routes, lush green park terraces, modern subways, and everything definitively ideal is something any house buyer would primarily dream of.


When looking for houses, buyers usually wanna make sure to look for the location of the housing society. Something we at Valhalla value and maintain as a prime criterion for our buyer’s satisfaction and investments.

 Valhalla Townsquare | Condos | Park Terrace | Price | Floor Plan      


Our layout

Valhalla Town Square will be a mixed-use residential area of 6.6 acres. Valhalla Inn and Valhalla Town Square are unlike other urban residential societies, their pursuit for residential facilities is what makes it a vibrant yet resourceful, flexible, inventive, and adaptable society. Having facilities to make living is what makes any lodging more additional and valuable even on the market degree.


Ravishing landscapes, winsome waterfront, decorative avenue, appealing parkway, prepossessing lake views, and an overall fanciable town square is what ameliorates Valhalla Town Square as worthwhile.

Our central square is a lively destination for your living.


We planned our central square to be the best modification for high-end facilities that include our astonishing restaurants, resplendent eateries, and bistros that allows you to experience an organized yet joyously incredible living standard. Breathtaking and awe-inspiring nature view entices to the eyes of Valhalla Inn residents and enables them to enjoy the climate and individuality of a quality atmosphere.

Aesthetics along with ease


With beauty and accommodation of facilities and friendly climate of the central square, we also provide an express shuttle to the nearby subway for you to have a comfortable journey all the way to the city malls, workplaces, health care faculty, or any other public place you wish or desire to be at. At Valhalla Inn, you do not have to deal with compromising anything for your contemplated dreams of living.


The Valhalla Inn housing has an incredibly remarkable edifice and layout. Housing contour and the frame is luxuriant, comprises of ornate baths, polished and agile modern kitchen, a glass ceiling to floor windows, extravaganza views of the pool party, and festivity rooms. Best of the best architects have built the entire design and pattern for our housing who are recognized for their intricacy and effulgence. Edilcan is one of Canada’s directing building and expansion firms. Valhalla constitutes of three outstanding grand glass-clad towers with a startling view above a three-story landscaped podium and a variant of several townhomes that add to its residential value.

What we constructed for you!

These housing buildings include fitness amenities, majestic panoramas, yoga studios, archives, office shacks, kids’ playroom. Our housing building is equipped with refined texture and finishes,


  • Plank laminate floating floor in the kitchen, den, foyer, corridor, hallway, aisle, balcony, entrance, living, and dining room.


  • Modern and avant-garde closet cupboards with glass sliding doors, also present in cabinets.


  • We planned white decor light switches and receptacles throughout the building.


  • Lever door hardware with interior doors.


  • Euro-style kitchen with a combination of natural wood and matte lacquer.


  • Stainless steel bowl kitchen sink with single-lever faucet.


  • Brand new contemporary appliances in stainless steel.


  • White plumbing fixtures.


  • Vanity width mirror with mirrored retrieval.


  • Quality exhaust fan vented to exterior.


  • Handheld shower spray, pressure-balanced, and temperature stabilized shower control in elegant chrome finish.


  • Shower enclosure section per plan.


  • Ceramic tile tub and recessed lights in shower enclosures.


With the aforementioned features that Valhalla Inn housing estate provides, we offer exceptional security and service systems. We value your experience and living, of course, it comes to every buyer’s mind, their concern for physical and substantial safety. We offer a closed-circuit security camera system. One does not have to compensate for their safety while dreaming to make a living at luxurious housing at Valhalla Town Square!


Edilcan plans to develop Park Terraces that will ascend Etobicoke’s skyline as the second expansion to Valhalla Town Square. It has a south and north building that adds to its idyllic mix of modern family-friendly settlements and lodging. Wonderfully designed, smartly equipped, and accessed for settling in and experiencing an amazing modern living standard. The adjacent park and outdoor expanse allowing you for your routine workouts, sports activities, passionate and romantic walkways, lush lawn and garden greenery, a sight to keep you delighted and qualifying your dream living to it’s potential.


We encourage our buyers to consider the experience of volitional living standard that comes with the polished exquisiteness of Valhalla Town Square and it’s housing units. You will never lack any resources at Valhalla Inn nor will you ever have any complaints with our due persistence of premeditated residential proposal for you we will make sure that your investment is graded and prized with quality, integrity, and significance.

You’re going to love it

What better place on land as compared to Valhalla Town Square, Valhalla Inn, and Park Terraces that make an urban dream become true and alive for its residents!


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